Discount on fabrics
14 February Happy St. Valentine's Day! Enjoy 14% off Selected Fabrics from February 14th to February 21st!
Have you already chosen a present for your beloved one? Even if you did, there's still a room for another one!
carnival dress fabrics
9 February Celebrate the Carnival Season with Stunning Fabrics
February is the month of carnivals. They are celebrated all over the world: Rio de Janeiro, New Orleans, Cologne, Copenhagen, Notting Hill.
Organza fabrics
25 January Organza in Fashion
Organza is definitely a fashion trend this year! We see many designers create startling dresses and even jumpsuits with this sheer fabric that is so soft and smooth.
Feather Fabrics
18 January Are You Following Paris Fashion Week?
The upcoming Haute Couture Fashion Week in Paris is special in many ways. But there’s one thing you have to know. It starts on the 21.01 - the day Christian Dior was born.
Italian fabrics discount
11 January Happy International Thank-You Day!
Today is January 11 - the International Thank-You Day! Dziakuju, dziekuje, thank you, danke, merci, toda, dank, grazie, arigato, obrigado, tack, gracias, xie xie, tesekkür ederim — that’s what we want to tell you!
Exclusive wool fabrics for men
5 January Men's Fashion Week by Tissura
London Fashion Week Men's is starting today. We are starting our High Fashion Week.
French, Italian and Swiss fabrics
29 December 28.12 - World Cinema Day
Would you like to see a 1 minute 30 seconds long documentary called "Arrival of a Train"?
22 December Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!