fabric fashion colors 2018
6 April Top Fashion Colors Spring/Summer 2018
The Pantone Color Institute™, the acknowledged leader in color standards, prepares a fashion color report every season, based on the favorite colors spotted in fashion shows.
Cherry blossom print fabrics
29 March Let’s Enjoy the Blooming of Cherry Blossoms with Our Exclusive Fabrics!
Japan is a home of all cherry blossom festivals. These days people all over the world come to the land of the rising sun to enjoy the blooming of cherry blossoms.
Mother's Day gift idea
21 March Happy Mother's Day!
Surprise your mother with an original gift! Delivery is free on March 21-24!
pajama fabrics
16 March The World Sleep Day
Today we celebrate the World Sleep Day. Join the Sleep World with cozy, smooth, soft fabrics and cute prints.
red carpet fabrics
7 March Top Oscar Fashion Trends. Best Red Carpet Arrivals
The Oscar ceremony is definitely one of the most expected events. Though it is not a fashion show, Oscars Red Carpet Arrivals are the most discussed all over the world.
Italian fabrics
27 February Milan Fashion Week Trends for Spring/Summer 2018
What are you going to wear this spring? Take inspiration from Milan Fashion Week dedicated to Spring/Summer 2018 trends — they are both promising and lovely.
alpaca fabrics
19 February Ward Off the Cold with Alpaca Clothes - New Wardrobe Essentials to Warm the Heart And the Body!
Alpaca is the new wardrobe essential! Lightweight, warm and soft, it is a perfect fabric to ward off the cold.
red and golden fabrics
16 February Happy Chinese New Year! Get Lucky with the Colors of the Yellow Dog
Build a wardrobe with special fabrics to attract health and prosperity!