Fasac fabrics
10 March Looking for the Summer
A warm summer afternoon, an outdoor terrace and a flower-scented garden… A charming hostess in her airy silk dress enjoys a breath of warm wind as she pours tea into thin porcelain cups.
2 March Walk the Red Carpet with Us
If you imagine Oscar festival, you open the door into a wonderful dreamland with a red carpet, posh gowns, celebrities, and flashlights.
Jakob Schlaepfer fabrics
17 February Flowers That Never Fade
We are proud to present you a new collection of fabrics that do not require any extra decoration.
Silk dress fabrics
14 February St. Valentine’s Lovable Silks
Here comes St. Valentine’s Day! Today we are bringing an exclusive collection of silks, designed with a grand Italian couturier whose name sounds so close to that of the most romantic holiday.
Swiss fabrics
10 February Collect Spring Flowers with TISSURA
Have you ever been in the centre of an incredibly colorful whirl of flowers?
Spring festival fabrics
27 January Start Your Spring with TISSURA’s Fabrics
Today we are celebrating the Spring Festival – the first day of the new year according to the Chinese calendar. The Fire Rooster dictates must-have colors: red, orange, burgundy, yellow and coral for prosperity, golden for money, red and black together for harmony and success.
Etro fabrics
20 January Create Your Paisley Story With ETRO
TISSURA introduces an eye-catching collection of fabrics from the famous Italian brand ETRO: from lightweight cotton batistes and jacquards to warm coat fabrics.
Swiss printed silk fabric
13 January Dutch Painting & Swiss Silks
Great Dutch masters glorified the abundance of nature with their paintings.