1 December A Mysterious Super Number (Part 1)
Very often worsted wool fabrics have “Super 110’s” or “Super 120’s” letters along the selvedge. What could it possibly mean? What do these numbers say to experts and those who are about to make a purchase?
25 November Holiday Spirit from Switzerland
Christmas and New Year are a season of magic, joy and hopes. TISSURA presents a true Christmas story told through fabrics.
Cashmere fabrics
22 November On a cool day, it’s so great to wrap up in a soft coat
All you want to do on a cool day is wrap yourself in a soft warm coat, which is stylish, trendy and high quality at the same time.
embroidered guipure lace fabric
18 November An Etude in Pastel Tones
Delicate pastel colored laces from the new collection by Tissura are like a subtle grief for unfulfilled dreams that rhymes with a gentle play of colors…
cotton lawn fabric
16 November Where East Meets West
The new collection by Liberty is a story told through colors, prints and symbols. It is a narration, long as the Great Silk Road that united East and West and became the core of this collection.
Fil Coupe Taffeta
11 November Italian Inspiration
Lightweight silks with exclusive designs, pliable jacquards, intricately patterned cloths that create brand new textures…
shirting fabrics
3 November Fabrics For Your Success
A man’s shirt and an elegant suit are key to a successful man’s image. A shirt tailored from a beautiful fabric may become a success factor, giving you confidence and style.
Silk Brocade
28 October Golden Collection By Tissura
These fabrics turn heads with the noble glimmer of golden threads – sometimes subtle, sometimes so dazzling that it blinds the eyes. No wonder! That’s the sunlight woven into them, and it sets them apart.