geometric patterns collection
10 January TISSURA Beauty Axiom
Every woman is in her quest for excellence. It can be found in geometric patterns on the fabrics presented by TISSURA online shop.
Etro fabrics
5 January Exclusive ETRO Fabrics At A Magical Discount
TISSURA online shop announces a 38% discount on ETRO fabrics.
Italian wool fabrics
29 December Winter's Special From TISSURA - Enjoy The Holidays With Cozy Italian Wool
New Year is a family holiday filled with cheer, joy and the anticipation of something magical.
26 December Degrade Fabrics For New Year's Eve
There are some fabrics that remind us of the northern lights and sea depths pierced with sunlight.
22 December Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
We wish you a jolly Christmas with good health and happiness throughout the New Year 2017. May the festive season bring you pleasures, prosperity and love!
Silk Chiffon with rose print
20 December It’s All about Roses
Today it’s all about roses. Or, rather, fabrics decorated with the images of these beauties.
New Year's Eve fabrics
14 December Bring On the New Year
If you’re dreaming about a bright and eventful 2017, don’t be afraid of color, even if you have always avoided bold hues. Red and golden dominate our Festive Season collection.
9 December "S" Number is Here to Stay
It’s time to talk about fabrics for business and ceremony suits, smokings and tailcoats. These garments are labeled “Super 150’s”, “Super 160’s” and “Super 180’s”. The cloth is produced of top quality wool. Such fabrics are as delicate and soft as silk. The fineness of the woolen fiber used in the fabrics is approximately 13 microns.